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Transdisciplinary Discovery, Design, and Innovation to confront the vexing, complex and wicked challenges of our day.

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Welcome to THE HUB!

Florida State University's new Innovation Hub is the result of a $2.5 million investment by the Provost to deepen FSU's distinctive commitment to continuous innovation. Located at the heart of FSU's campus, the Innovation Hub fills the first floor of the Louis Shores building.

The 14,000 square foot space is designed to support Design Thinking with the latest technologies, a Digital Fablab, Virtual Reality Lab, Hackerspace, and a variety of spaces and technologies for collaborative work supporting groups from 2 to 140. The Innovation Hub is supported by nineteen partner departments within the University.

Whether you're looking for help with your latest invention, looking to extend your knowledge of innovative technologies and techniques, looking for a quiet comfortable place to relax, or looking to meet up with friends or make new friends, the Hub is your place to have fun while discovering your inner innovator.

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Innovation Hub Partners

The Innovation Hub wouldn't exist without our partners.

Founding Partners

Our Founding Partners have made significant contributions towards the Hub's creation, maintenance, and operations.

School of Information
College of Communication and Information
Florida State University Libraries
Jim Moran School of Entrepreneurship

Support Partners

Our Support Partners collaborate with the Innovation Hub in providing services to students through the Hub.

Career Center
Center for Undergraduate Research and Academic Engagement (CRA)
Information Technology Services (ITS)
Learning Systems Institute (LSI)
Office of Distance Learning (ODL)

All partner departments are represented on the Innovation Hub Steering Committee.

Mission: To enable students to discover needs, imagine opportunities, design solutions, and share experiences in an innovative, collaborative, and entrepreneurial environment.

Our Services

Design Consulting

Working on a new idea? An app, invention, game? We can assist you with design, planning and team building. Learn more...

Digital Fablab

Our fablab supports multiple forms of digital fabrication for prototyping physical products and inventions. Learn more...

Virtual Reality Lab

Utilize multiple platforms of virtual reality and augmented reality to design and experience environments and manipulate virtual objects for educational, explorational, or entertainment-driven projects. Learn more...

Design Thinking

The Hub provides an ideal environment for students to practice Design Thinking providing a wide variety of highly configurable spaces with whiteboards, markers, post-its, for group ideation and the latest technologies for prototyping. Learn about Design Thinking in workshops or by enrolling in ENT3607 Innovation by Design

Educational Opportunities

Workshops, meetups, course modules, online tutorials, the Hub is much more than just a cool space with tech, it provides many opportunities for students, faculty, and the community to learn and share what they know. Learn more...

Event Space

The Hub has a wide variety of spaces to support all kinds of educational, innovation-related meetings, workshops, presentations and events accomodating audiences of up to 140 people. Learn more...

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