Featured Student Innovator:

Ariana Davis

Ariana M. Davis

Major: Computer Science

Minor: Information Technology

Year: Junior

What innovative activities and student organizations are you involved in?

The best RSO on campus, without a doubt, is TechNole, and the best event is HackFSU. Being a part of TechNole since freshman year, I’ve connected with, and learned from, so many amazing and talented people from different parts of the state all coming together because of a common passion for technology.

How have those activities and organizations benefited you?

Through my experiences on and off campus I've developed the ability to talk with major companies like Facebook, Delta, Twitter, Google, Huge, AirBnB and even smaller companies just getting started. Participating in Hackathons has provided me with opportunities to connect with CEO’s, developers and recruiters.

What interesting projects have you been involved in as a student or intern?

I've taken time outside of my classes to use skills I've learned to create a Twitter Bot called @yourmobilebot that randomly tweets out older phrases/sayings from a databse that I built over the past couple of months. Other than that I had the opportunity this summer to intern for an amazing and inspiring all-female agency called YesJulz Agency where I helped out more on the technology end of things. Learning how to be quick on my feet and proactive throughout these past couple of months has had great benefits.

What are your plans after graduation?

With graduation right around the corner, I’m constantly weighing my options. I'd like to relocate to a big city, and am focused on deciding between New York, Atlanta, San Fransisco or Los Angeles. As my future career I envision myself being very involved in Web and iOS development while also associating myself in the music realm.

What tips would you give students who are just starting their college education?

Don’t be ashamed of not knowing what you’re passionate about or willing to study right away. Nothing has to be rushed, yet once finding something along the lines of what captures your attention it’ll feel as if you never missed a beat.

Find out more about Ariana at http://yourmobilegeek.tech and follow her on Twitter at https://twitter.com/YourMobileGeek.


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