Learn the latest tools for fueling innovation to confront
the vexing, complex and wicked challenges of our day.


Some believe that innovation springs from spontaneous insight that miraculously strikes the inventor. In reality, the most useful innovations are the result of a careful and methodical study of the human condition followed by painstaking exploration of ideal solutions for observed needs.

This course, designed by Ken Baldauf at the Florida State University Innovation Hub, teaches methods common to human-centered innovation frameworks such as Design Thinking: empathizing with people in given situations, framing and reframing problems, ideating, prototyping and testing solutions. Students will learn the process of developing products, services, systems and other solutions from the initial discovery of needs, to presenting a tested solution ready for deployment. This course features learning by doing with the vast majority of class time dedicated to collaborative exploration, supported by inspirational case studies, insightful video lessons from thought-leaders in the field, and abundant online resources.


1. Course Introductions

Learn more about the class and get to know your classmates. Open Lesson 1


2. Innovation Frameworks

Research, compare and contrast existing innovation frameworks, methods and tools, and apply Design Thinking to solve a simple but relevant problem. Open Lesson 2


3. Planning

Prepare for the Design Thinking process by developing a design challenge statement, identifying associated stakeholders, beginning to understand the context of the problem, and setting a roadmap to agreed upon goals. Open Lesson 3


4. Empathy

Learn and practice several methods for Empathy such as Observation, Interview, Empathy Mapping, Analogous Empathy, Studying Extreme Users, and the Five W’s. Open Lesson 4


5. Problem Framing and Ideation

Learn and practice several methods for Framing and Ideation such as Journey Mapping, Saturate and Group, Use Case Development, How Might We, and Brainstorming. Open Lesson 5


6. Prototyping and Testing

Learn and Practice several Prototyping methods such as Rapid Prototyping, Role-Playing, User Testing, Feedback Capture Grid, Storyboarding, and Storytelling. Open Lesson 6



Excellent online resources for curious, creative innovators.

Free Online Resources from Stanford d.school

Stanfords School of Design, better known as the d.school, has served as the academic home of many of the leading practitioners of Design Thinking. The d.school provides many free educational tools for Design Thinking. Visit now!

Free Online Resources from IDEO

IDEO is one of the worlds leading design firms and proponents of Design Thinking. IDEO provides an excellent free online toolkit for Design Thinkers. Visit now!

Free Online Resources from Design Thinkers Group

Design Thinkers Group is an international Design Thinking consultant firm that also provides educational resources through its Academy. Visit now!

Free Online Resources from Harvard's LUMA Institute

The LUMA Institute at Harvard provides Design Thinking consulting services and educational resources through its website. Visit now!

Free Online Resources from IIT Institute of Design

The Institute of Design at the Illinoise Institute of Technology in Chicago is one of the country's leading design schools, and a huge proponent of Design Thinking. It's website provides some interesting case studies. Visit now!

Free Online Resources from IBM Design

Big corporations are embracing Design Thinking as a primary method for innovation. IBM is one of the biggest and boldest and shares many of its design practices on its website. Visit now!

Free Online Resources from: Harvard Business Review: A Taxonomy of Innovation

This online tool from Harard's LUMA Institute provides an interactive study of the Institute's framework for innovation. Visit now!

Online Resources and Book "A More Beautiful Question" by Warren Berger

Berger's book is recognized by the Design Thining community as the best resource for learning how to ask questions that yeild beautiful, valuable, innovative solutions. Visit now!

Online Resources and Book "Designing your Life" by Bill Burnett, Dave Evans

A must-read for all college students! This book, which serves as the textbook for the most popular class at Stanford, provides valuable insight and tools for charting your life's course. Visit now!

Book "A Designer's Research Manual" by Jenn Visocky O'Grady

A practical guide to Design Thinking for developing products and services. Visit now!

Online Resources and Book "Creative Confidence" by Tom and David Kelley

IDEO founders David and Tom Kelley, have written a powerful and compelling book on unleashing the creativity that lies within each and every one of us. Visit now!

Book "Creativity Inc." by Ed Catmull

Ed Catmull, co-founder of Pixar Studios, tells the story of Pixar and provides insight into fostering a creative culture and overcoming the unseen forces that stand in the way of true inspiration. Visit now!